A Soul Seeker Speaks

Not everyone understands the nuance behind this kind of life

Alicia Cahalane Lewis


Photo: Emily Kallick

I am not the first to come to this world a “SEEKER.” And I won’t be the last. I am one of many individuals traveling upon this distant marble hoping to accept LIFE.

Can I be an expert in this? I know MEDIUM wants us to be experts in our fields and write with assurance. But in my humble opinion, MEDIUM doesn’t have a clue what it means to seek. Maybe I will be the first to tell you (well… not the first but one of many) that not knowing something is just as valid as knowing. Doesn’t MEDIUM understand that not everything is known? Some things require exploration and discovery.

I am an author. I write what I know (fifty-nine years of life has a way of teaching you things, you know) as much as I look into philosophies and paradigms that are little known. I am a REIKI MASTER. I observe. I teach. I discern and study EARTH ENERGIES. I ask questions. I ponder. I meditate and I accept.

MEDIUM is a static place if it does not acknowledge musings, philosophies, and questions. New worlds and new ideas are not discovered on the knowledge that an unknown route is safe. Seeking is not for the faint of heart. It takes a nomad spirit to go into uncharted territory, look within to encapsulate human existence, and attempt to put that experience into language.

Is it safe to say that authors are nomads? Scaling new heights in words? Exploring new terrain that has yet to be explored? If I am an expert in anything it is this: LIFE is never just KNOWN. It is TO BE known. The very act of sitting back and writing what I know is tempting, but it is limiting. I’d rather explore and write what I am learning.

My journey as an author has taught me that it is OK not to know. It is OK to erase and begin again. It is OK not to get it right the first time, but to write, rewrite and claw my way through an idea until I find the best way to articulate myself. I am learning to become a writer.