Capturing Essences: A Writer’s Experience — Chapter Nine

Author’s note: This is not a book of essays “just for writers,” but a few thoughts I’d like to offer to all creative spirits wishing to make a difference in helping to lift the energy on this planet and what I feel are some important steps we can all take to bring solutions through creative expression.

Capturing Essences: A Writer’s Experience — Chapter Nine


Although we are living in what many would refer to as “modern times,” there’s no doubt in my mind that time is irrelevant to experience. We are living. Period. To live in past time is no longer and to live in future time, a projection. Therefore, there is only the now of the present from which we need to base our experiences on. We are living in a framework called time where beauty has stalled. I’m not saying that great works of art aren’t still being created, because they are, and beauty is and will always be something many of us steer ourselves toward, but I’d like to offer the following observations.

I put a lot of focus on the beauty of my being and my home. I want to care about myself and my surroundings so I focus on it and do my best to make both my self and my home pleasing to the eye, but this is not the beauty I’m referring to. The beauty I am referring to was and will be forever a part of our ongoing spiritual dialogue. Beauty is often referred to as something from God, but rather than use vocabulary words such as God and spirit, I will say that what I think we’re striving for, on a personal quest to happiness, is inner grace. The word beauty is interchangeable with the word grace, so what I feel we’re lacking, and lamenting the loss of, is grace.

Time is of the essence, if you need to use vocabulary words to give things meaning, because words such as time and grace and beauty are all the result of thinking, but what can we do to find, maintain, and repair inner grace?

What then is grace if it is not of God, the spiritual essence of creativity? Can it be anything else?

Grace is born from this idea that God is beautiful, desires beauty, and maintains beauty in us. I, for one, subscribe to the notion that I find myself happiest when I’m realizing beauty whether I am on a beach simply standing amid rolling waves enjoying the beauty of this landscape, or in a stupendous cathedral such as Chartres staring up in sheer awe at the beauty of the structure. This is the beauty of place. Of time. Of creativity. But deep within the recesses of our being is the blueprint for internal beauty, the fission of soul and self. This is the Philosopher’s Stone we’ve long ago lost touch with, this idea that we’re God’s beauty, because somehow we can’t help but focus on the outer shell of ourselves.

But within us is grace, born to us from creation because creation, as a motion, is grace. It is chaos wound up into tight bands of energy that explode and crack and descend and wail, but this is the notion of creativity. It is ultimately beautiful. To create.

Creativity is the relationship we have to our planet, to ourselves, and to each other because that’s how we define it, but really, creativity is the essence of being in relationship to All That Is, to the endless bands of energy that create new gasses, new bands of light, new energies of life, and endless wave after wave. We’re only as creative as we are graceful, as we are of beauty.

The ancients prescribed to this sentiment, and I’ve read enough E.M. Forrester to recognize this is and has always been an ongoing spiritual quest within many of us, this quest for God’s beauty, but rather than question God, or question the meaning of God, or question the absence or presence of God, the purpose of this is to say creativity isn’t heaped onto the god figure and then left to stall there for the rest of eternity. God is a word. Essence is a word. Thoughts such as these that require communication become words. Beauty is therefore just a word used to elevate our relationship to the world around us.

Time won’t wait for us to find ourselves back in a more balanced relationship to ourselves, our families, or our planet. Healing each other requires first healing the self, then healing relationship, and without doubt, in my opinion, healing the lack we all feel in ourselves.

And what is it I feel we lack? Beauty.

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