Capturing Essences: A Writer’s Experience — Chapter Six

Author’s note: This is not a book of essays “just for writers,” but a few thoughts I’d like to offer to all creative spirits wishing to make a difference in helping to lift the energy on this planet and what I feel are some important steps we can all take to bring solutions through creative expression.


Time isn’t. I think it’s exceptionally difficult to accept this, but throughout all the meditations and writing I’ve done this concept of non-time continually repeats itself. So much so I feel I’m getting bombarded with a universal understanding I’m not intelligent/savvy enough to talk about, but I will try. Time is a thought. We created thinking. We created understanding. And we created avenues where the thinkers and those who follow the thinkers created an awareness of the planet, their relationship to the planet, and their bodies in motion on a planet in motion in space. Ok. Simple, right? But the bottom line is time, because we thought it, exists.

No one threw down a hammer from the skies and told us to prescribe to some religious ideology, unless you believe in the prophets then I guess we can say there were hammers thrown down to hit us over the head with, but these prophets, should you believe them, taught us thinking. They didn’t teach us not to think. Even if we chose to follow them, or continue to choose to follow them, we’re thinking about taking that action. They thought; therefore, they were thinking to teach. Or they were not thinking. I don’t really know. Did their god hit them over the head and ask them to teach? However it all started, and it did start somewhere, it started because someone had a thought. And shared the thought. Is God a thought? Of course. Are God’s words thoughts? I assume so. Are God’s words and His deeds thought-based? Do we think about God? And when we do do we think about ourselves in relationship to God? If we like what we hear we follow it. If we don’t like what we hear we ignore it. It’s simple. We’re thinkers. And even if we choose to follow someone else’s thinking we have to trust our own thoughts to do so.

Here’s where it gets complicated. Because we think, we create. And because we create, and can think to do so, we devise. And when we devise we reason. Time is a form of reasoning. It delineates and corrals. If we can think time we can think in seasons. And when we think in seasons we construct expectations. Fall is chilly, the leaves change color, and drop to the ground. Time is what we prescribe it to be. It is what we observe, but that’s because we construct thinking to form the actions of leaves shifting and dropping. If we didn’t understand we couldn’t construct.

So where am I going with all of this? Time is corralled into segments of thinking. If we can create a path that isn’t corralled there’s more opportunity. Time limits our actions to minutes, hours, days, weeks, years. Without time, God wouldn’t be over there while we are here. Time is the construct it takes to travel from here to there. God is. Time isn’t. Walk in a new modality where time means less delineation and construct and walk into greater opportunities to just be. Isn’t that what the sages tell us to be? A thought-form. Inhabiting a body to be. Just be. Without time we can be. We’re not challenged to create. It comes because we are creatives.

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