Creating Soul Connections

I write from the perspective of a Reiki Master. I don’t necessarily write what I know, but how I observe. And how I observe then gets translated into words. These words have meaning. They may or may not resonate or inspire, but words can be powerful whether they come from me or someplace deep within your own psyche. I might create a window from which you can look out upon your world, and whether this is something you aspire to or not, words will open pathways to the soul.

I think this is one of the more subtle mechanisms about Earth. Words are like transmitters. They relay thoughts, energy, and intention. It is my intention to communicate how I translate energy into language and share it so that others can begin to transform as a result of their own language, their own thoughts, their own words.

I’ll try that again! Energy, such as language, is transmittable. We live underground in a realm of unknowing with the sole intention of finding some semblance of meaning to our lives. We search. We ask questions. We experiment. We write, dance, draw, play. We love. We hurl insults.

We’re transmitters, we’re transponders, and we’re shaping ourselves as others transmit their intentions to us.

In my practice, I teach equanimity and patience. I teach balance and acceptance. I teach ways to help find the true self. This is not easy to communicate, so I must rely on one soul to transmit an intention to another. I’d like to think that, with awareness, we can begin to communicate our intentions as the soul’s intention. Were we not on Earth, this would be happening, I am certain, but untangling communication on Earth is tricky. There are so many crossed wires, missteps, miscues, and misunderstandings.

One way to create a soul connection to help ease miscommunication and foster more equanimity, truth, and acceptance, is to accept that our souls live within a body, on a planet, that transmits life and death energies. We’re the epitome of opposition, and the only way to balance these opposing energies is to foster communication between all of our senses. The mind communicates just as the heart communicates, as the soul communicates. Listening to our inner self is the first step in acquiring a soul connection. Listening to the soul helps us gain an understanding of others.

It is my greatest wish that we find more powerful effective ways to communicate through trust and protection of the psyche. We can no longer rely on the ego to communicate gracefully because the ego is desperately trying to win, succeed, or fit in. Making a soul connection is not about finding a way to come out on top, but finding a way to balance.

Earth is beautiful, but she is tangling us up in her duality. It is on us to figure out how to accept these energies and live here in grace. There will always be death, grief, frustration, and heartbreak. These emotions are inevitable and can not be swept under the rug. It is time we take a step forward and form soul connections, not only with one another but with the planet. Soul connections foster ease.



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