Directionless Living

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Our minds control expectation. It is the single most annoying thing about having a brain. The brain needs. It wants. It expects. I am not a scientist, an astrophysicist, a mathematician, or anything remotely brain-centered. I’m me. I’m a writer, a mother, a Reiki Master, yet I am fascinated with science, with physics, with potential.

I could go back to school and study physics, but I won’t. I didn’t sign up in this lifetime for that kind of schooling. Instead, I must have signed up for the kind of hard-knock life experiences that have taken me toward metaphysics and meditation. My schooling comes from the stars.

When it comes to writing, I often tell people that my stories, poetry, and meditation work come from something buried deep within me. I do not consult ancient texts, although what I teach is probably buried in the sands somewhere from some priest or priestess who once insisted that the stars hold knowledge.

We expect book knowledge. We expect rules. Lines. Graphs. Case studies. What happens when there are lines drawn in the sand that says: this is right and this is wrong? Do case studies even matter?

I’m not a scientist to give you graphs. I am studying the stars and putting everything down into a language that can be accepted or dismissed. It is not absolute. It is a possibility. There are no rules here. When studying the stars one accepts a directionless life. At no point in the day am I wandering aimlessly, but rather wandering, exploring, manifesting, and accepting.

We can build a directionless life once we accept that there are only directions, (read: limitations) within the mind. When we open the mind to the limitlessness of space, of place, of potential, the mind responds. Meditation helps open the mind to potential. It helps us evolve, as a species, I’m convinced. Meditation is like listening to the stars reveal their light language.

And only you are in a position to know their words.

To live in correlation with the stars is to live in correlation with the energetic component of all that is possible. There is no other way to explain it. Living without expectation (direction) is opening oneself up to nothing, to everything. Not to what is right or wrong, but to what IS.

Directionless living is about being in the NOW. It is not about projecting oneself into the future or staying trapped in the past. This form of self-healing opens the mind and the body to ageless living and the potential to transform (think alchemy) into higher consciousness.

We’re teachers, those of us who write on this platform to help expand consciousness, and it’s a difficult job because language is limiting, and there are only so many words we can use. I repeat myself, often, in each of my stories. I know this. It is my intention. I use language as a tool to help transform energy away from what is right to what is possible. Language conveys intention, and it is my intention to take you along on a journey to a more grounded, spiritually mindful way of being. Just being.



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Alicia Cahalane Lewis

Alicia Cahalane Lewis

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