Energy Healing in Codes

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This isn’t easy to understand, let alone communicate, but we’re stumbling into some very different healing energies that I would like to address. As a Reiki Master, I’m accustomed to working with very linear energy. This is energy that comes encoded through symbols to help heal. I do not use these codes simply because they are codes and have special powers, but because they are symbolic of communication.

Reiki codes are simply a means of communicating desire. Energetically, we really don’t need codes to do this. We have the mind. The mind maps intention. The mind can heal.

There are codes in Reiki that are supposed to be secretive. I respect this. I don’t agree with it, but I do respect this; therefore, I would never share what I have taken a vow not to share, but this does not mean that I can’t point out the obvious. If you have the desire to think you’re sending encoded messages to the mind/body/spirit then the code isn’t doing the sending, your mind is. The code isn’t providing the healing. This comes from the mind.

Again, I will repeat. In my experience, if a client is open to healing, his or her mind facilitates the healing. This allows my mind, and my practice of sending healing codes to the body, to become a way to fulfill a client’s desire. It is his or her mind, and my mind, working together to establish a healing modality. My work, therefore, becomes pretty straightforward. I can only do what a client, in his or her mind, allows. My work is open to or limited to the will of another.

Reiki is a very respected modality of energy work. It is used in hospitals and on Hospice patients. It is so respected that Reiki is singlehandedly becoming its own language. I respect this immensely. I respect language. But there are other languages in the Universe.

Should these Reiki symbols of healing be used as a language can we not look for and acquire new codes? And if so, what would those codes look like? I don’t want to burst the Reiki bubble, but anyone who is working as an energy healer who is not updating these codes and exploring new language as it is presented to them isn’t staying with the times.

Strong words, I will admit, but I feel them. I feel it is time to discuss new healing codes, ones that are accessible to all of us rather than only to a limited number of people.

And what if we were to access these codes…what would they look/feel like? Could anyone find them?

I believe the answer to this is yes. Energy is energy. Intention is intention. It is time to believe that you are engaging in energy healing modalities that come with a new set of operating instructions, and use these rather than set yourself up for failure using a limitation. Is Reiki a limitation? No. Is it enough? Yes. But then why am I proposing a new healing language? Because it is out there for us to tap into. It is the energy of the future and it will one day surpass Reiki.

The new codes of healing are more geometric in shape and sequencing. They are not linear but multi-dimensional and expansive. They are not limited to what can be drawn on a piece of paper in a 3D existence. Our mind won’t conjure these images up without first opening up the mind to the possibility of a multi-dimensional existence, so once we have begun to tap into our multi-dimensionality, we’re ready to access these codes.

Join me as I work with these new codes in my FREE meditation series. I’d love to share them with you.



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