If We Fight Fire with Fire We Lose

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I’m not an alarmist. For those of you who know me, or are getting to know me, what I say usually comes from a place of balance. I’ve been working on staying balanced and finding my grounded center for over twenty years.

By studying the facilitating energy of the planet, and the way we respond to it, I’ve been able to learn, grow, and respect that as we are in a relationship with Earth, Earth is in a relationship with us. That makes sense, right? Well, to so many people who want Earth to serve them, this won’t make sense, but for anyone interested in finding balance in their selves, in their relationships, and in their relationship with Earth, I would like to unpack a few things for you.

We’re at a crossroads in our relationship with Earth.

Earth, at the end of the day, won’t die. I believe this. We will die before Earth dies. Earth will falter, as she is faltering now, but Earth has always faltered and readjusted. Climates change, species die, and there is always evolution, restoration, and rebirth. This is Earth’s pattern. We’re only a fraction of the co-existence of all that is here.

I am shown in the work that I do, that we come to Earth to repair damage to our wounded souls. Can you believe it? I’m told that souls aren’t pristine, but can become wounded and falter. We become wounded from past lives, not just from our lives here, but from other dimensions. When we return to Earth it is for the sole purpose of healing.

Ok. That’s a tall order. We come to this wonky planet to find Nirvana and ease our troubled souls?

It took me a long time to recognize the way Earth works and the way we can work in opposition or in harmony with her. Not everyone will agree with me, and that’s OK. I’m not looking for agreement, but for understanding.

The mind controls the way we see Earth, and if we see Earth as a place that should serve us, this is what we will hunt for. If, on the other hand, we see ourselves in service to Earth, this is the way our lives will fit through the myriad of possibilities available to us. Earth gives us our shadow as she gives us our light.

If the shadow aspect of our soul wants to fight to heal then we will fight to heal. And if the shadow aspect of our soul wants to live in peace then we will live in peace. But here’s the rub. The shadow requiring the fight has a lightness of being inside of them that seeks to balance the fire. And the watery soul who seeks calm has a fire within them that craves action. The two co-exist within us all.

By coming here to heal we find opportunities to act out the part of our souls needing to balance.

I, for one am a very watery soul. I crave peace and calm in my life, but if I stay in peace and calm all the time, I won’t get anything accomplished. So the accumulated light, my fire, has to work in balance with the water, and to do this I must work to balance my soul and heal from the complexities of multiple lives. My shadow and my light desire union. I have needed to learn to fight.

Still with me? There’s more. What kind of fight?

I know, having worked through this in meditation with Guidance, that if I fight fire with fire I will have fire returned to me. If I fight anger with anger I will live a life of anger continually thrown at me, but if I can learn to fight anger with Grace, acceptance, cooperation, and compassion, I will work on attaining awareness that anger and peace can work in harmony with one another.

We see the black or the white. The anger or the hate. Peace or war. We make absolutes out of opposition when life on this planet of duality will always be the all. If I fight fire with fire I will receive only fire. If I fight fire with Grace I will survive duality. It’s that rudimentary.



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Alicia Cahalane Lewis

Alicia Cahalane Lewis

Reiki Master and Author of The Intrepid Meditator and Room Service Please. Let’s connect: https://www.aliciacahalanelewis.com/ & https://www.tatteredscript.com/