Soul Journeys

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Not all soul journeys prove safe. Some feel uncomfortable, disruptive, and complex. Are we adequately prepared for turmoil? And if not, why? Some journeys are tempting us into greater awareness, and others, well, not so much. They are little more than just headaches.

I think of soul journeys as patterns we make, or take, depending on how you want to look at it, into unknowns. These unknowns show up for me as difficult relationships with others. I didn’t know that difficulty or struggle was a modus operand for many souls. I never equated struggle with my personal objective: freedom. You see, I prefer not to struggle. I prefer to tiptoe through a garden of good intentions and come out the other side joyful and fulfilled. But when the Universe sends us difficult people to travel alongside, it is time to sit up and listen.

Not all of my experiences are difficult ones, and I have lovely friends and a loving family, but there are just those people we meet who take us, metaphorically speaking, onto their overburdened boat and expect us to paddle alongside them in some chaotic race to succeed. And what exactly do I mean by this? I mean just that. We get in other people’s little dinghies (god knows why) thinking that the journey will be easy when it is anything but! We travel alongside difficult people to help us find balance. Without knowing difficulty how could we ever know ease?

I won’t say I have the answers to the great cosmic question: why are we here and for what purpose? But in my little world of Reiki healing, this is what I have seen. Difficulties exist to help transport us through some universal emotion, and how we respond to this difficulty is how we respond.

Earth is a complex equation of missteps and misunderstanding, and we are the recipients of this energy pattern. We contribute to misunderstanding by further employing misunderstanding. We use it as a tool. We deem it respectable. We fight. And then we use this fight to find Right. God forbid, I tell you there is no Right! Well, maybe there is Best, and I could say that there is much that is Better or Best, but Right is impossible to define since someone's Right will always be someone else’s wrong.

For this reason, alone, balance helps us see that one person’s way of travel (think capsizing boat) is not wrong. It is simply a way. As I travel alongside others who find themselves and their soul’s growth paramount to struggle, I have to stop and look more closely at my own journey. Am I putting a wrong on their Right? Am I defining them? And for what purpose? Telling them that struggle is a ridiculous way to learn, that there are more clever ways to travel will disrupt. How, if I am asking them not to disrupt my way of being must I disrupt theirs?

Philosophically speaking, this journey we take with others teaches us to be more balanced individuals. Let’s hope the unsteady waters we float upon prove capable of holding some leaking boats! Not all of us travel in elegant ocean liners.




Reiki Master and Author of The Intrepid Meditator and Room Service Please. Let’s connect: &

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Alicia Cahalane Lewis

Alicia Cahalane Lewis

Reiki Master and Author of The Intrepid Meditator and Room Service Please. Let’s connect: &

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