Meditation 9/30/22

A Reiki-inspired meditation for self-healing

Alicia Cahalane Lewis
3 min readSep 30, 2022


Photo by Max Lissenden on Unsplash

Today’s meditation had nothing to do with sailing, but I did like this photograph and I wanted to share it. This blue is my favorite color in the whole world. I’ll call it Prussian. My meditation had everything to do with Prussian Blue.

You see, when I engage in meditation, I always take in the energy of Earth as grounding energy.

I teach this as the most important FIRST STEP in meditation. By grounding to the planet and adhering to the density, acknowledging the body in alignment with Earth's platonic solids, we shift the body from a disconnected state of being back into a connected state of being. Math and geometry play important roles in my meditations. As does color.

Photo by Pengfei Liu on Unsplash

Take a moment to connect to the image of a cube. This platonic solid is three-dimensional in space and has no bearing to time. It is. It is a shape because we say it is a shape, but long before we called it a shape this third-dimensional form existed as a concept.

I won’t go all math geek on you, partly because I’m not really talking about math as much as I am referring to context. We call a cube a form. It is one of the platonic solids. By adhering to the third dimension in meditation, we focus not only on the body in context to the space around it but to life. All life. Of which we are a part.

Life is our context.

Without addressing ourselves in context to life, to the third dimension, to Earth, any meditative activity often goes up like a puff of smoke..poof..into the ether. It is hard to grasp, grab, or hold onto ether. And I want my meditations to work for me. In my body.

Imagine your favorite color. Look deep, in your mind’s eye, at this color and bring the color into your heart. Hold this color in your heart. Hold the cube and the color in your heart. Maybe the cube becomes the color. Maybe the cube is simply an image in the context of its surrounding color.

Your body is aligning with the planet.



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