Option. Control. Command.

Photo: Mathew Schwart

Option. Control. Command. We instinctively know where these three words appear on the keyboard and we use them repeatedly without pausing to discern. We know what purpose they serve and the ways they will help, yet we look unwillingly at what greater meaning these words bring.

As a writer, I look for inspiration outside myself just as I look for it within. I look to landscape because it inspires me to think about myself in relationship to Earth. Landscape is me. It is me in relationship to my surroundings within this vast biosphere, a deep molecular/spiritual/energetic kinship to something larger than myself. I am but a small thread, nothing without others. Perhaps I should say, “landscape is we,” as the whole of landscape encompasses more than myself.

We are bio-molecular inhabitants groping about uneasily in some search of it all.

Rather than stop searching, because there is this inner pull within me to explore alchemy, transformation, and old stories desperately in need of re-writing, all in the name of living, I continue to explore what life means. I don’t do this uneasily, but playfully, lightly, and with a sense of childish wonder. Who are we really? Are we just some random species, having formed from a rudimentary molecular structure to become one of the fortunate ones now able to sustain and continue life? I’d like to think there is an advanced understanding we have with this planet that needs exploring.

Are we in balance with this Earth that supports our magnificent molecular journey? No. We’re gorging ourselves on her bounty. And we know this. Anyone reading this right now knows this. You might have been drawn to the title, the tags, or the photograph, but this is because you and I are probably like-minded individuals, and something about me resonates with you. So what I have to say isn’t new to you. You’re writing/teaching/communicating the same thing hoping people will listen.

Like-minded souls have one another, but then how do we reach beyond those who are listening to the planet’s woes to those who are not responding? And what is it we want to say to those not understanding/respecting our symbiotic relationship to the planet?

I want to say this: It isn’t an option not to listen to Earth if we want to continue sustaining human life. Earth will be here longer than we will and it’s on us to respect this. We’re bio-molecular beings, a string of biomes, plasma, bones, and blood systematically strung out because we can’t control Earth or her evolution. Get over trying to control. We can’t. We can inhabit and respect, but we can’t control. We have options. We can respect the way we’re in a relationship with Earth or we can ignore this. I suggest we treat our planet in the same way we take care of ourself.

Can you see where I’m going with this? Unless we take care of ourself we won’t have the mindset to take care of the planet. So what’s a girl to do? Start helping by getting down into the muck to teach self-care, self-awareness, and self-love. Help heal old wounds. Love. Support process, transformation, exploration, and sustainability. I can’t feed the homeless. There are others who do that. I want to help those opening their eyes to the problem and give them a little understanding of alchemy. There are ways to transform ourself by taking better care of our molecular/spiritual/energetic relationship to the planet. By doing so we’ll grow deeper roots and respect who we are and where we belong. We’re alchemists if we choose to be. Let’s transform.



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