Parallel Minds

Photo by Grace Tetley on Unsplash

We live in duality, so it stands to reason that no one’s mind will be alike. All minds will be different. The way we see ourselves will be how we see ourselves in relation to another. We’d like to think we see ourselves in relation to ourselves, but that’s another topic for another day. We’re hammered all the time with this duality as it plays out everywhere. One mind will think this and another mind will think that. It’s the nature of the beast, so to speak. We know this, but we fight it. We fight because we’re constructed to survive. To win. To advance. But all of this need for advancing is becoming trapped in our minds.

Do you see a circle forming? Your mind and my mind, dualistic in temperament, can’t accommodate too many variables so we fight the invasion of another opinion. Then we contradict one another. Why? To advance ourselves. To grow. To achieve. And when I can achieve, and suddenly you don’t, the mind congratulates itself on a job well done. All this playground ego and all this advancing has led us to where we are now.

Earth is made up of these dualistic patterns. We are planetary, in that we’re living specimens, so how we are, and what we are, is in relationship to the planet. If we advance ourselves for the sake of advancing we destroy everything in our wake to get ahead, but if we live in balance we attune our pattern to another.

This is all fairly common knowledge, so I’m not saying anything new here, but to set things up for my next point.

When our dueling minds contribute to more duality, and we create a split in our rationale for the opposition, we can actually team up with the planet to create more of this split within the mind. I’ll say that again. In my experience as a Reiki Master, this is what I have seen: The mind decides it doesn’t like…fill in the blank..a person, place, or thing. This mind exercises this dislike over and over. The mind begins to contradict itself. It was once a happy mind full of hope, but when hurt it began to falter and retreat. This is happening everywhere all the time, but the more we change the mind and flip it back and forth from love to hate, hot to cold, happy to sad, the resulting action creates volatility.

The volatility acts as a catalyst for more volatility. Earth is a volatile ecosystem dependent on various Goldilocks moments to keep her stable. But when we teeter-totter and our minds push and pull us in a herky-jerky way back and forth, we can simultaneously begin pushing and pulling Earth into caustic energies.

Energy out is energy out. Give Earth your grief and she’ll return it to you in spades. Give Earth your acceptance and look how bountiful your life will become. It's not about the back and forth ride we're so caught up in, but about accepting a point of balance. Earth is stabilizing energy when we use her this way.



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