We Can Afford to Have a Little Pleasure in Life

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Life isn’t about one thing. It is about all things. Need. Love. Hope. Regret. Pleasure. Pain. Hunger. Grace.

These are just some of the examples of what we face in our lives. There will always be a this or a that. A positive or a negative. If we fail to balance all that is, then I feel we will fail at life. Balance is the key. Staying in balance is the journey.

We’ve made life a series of right or wrong. When are we going to realize that we've put a huge blockade on ourselves, and our happiness, when we force this either/or?

When we say to ourselves, “I am happy, but I should be sad because there is so much tragedy in the world, and I should show my support by being sad too,” your happiness, once a much-needed counterpoint to the tragedy, is lost to more grief.

Nations topple when we feed them nothing but grief.

This sounds like I am being dismissive of tragedy, hurt, sadness, and grief. This is not the way I see it. If I am being kind, graceful, beautiful, patient, loving, and respectful, in a moment of grief and anger, by offering love, light, forgiveness, and hope.

We are not one or the other but balanced in this nuance of both love and hate.

We are never just one, but both, and when I am angered it behooves me to rest this anger in the arms of someone who can help me release the anger rather than fuel it to further fester, boil, and spill out across the streets as more and more anger. Can we not ask for a reprieve from all this spilled anger by bringing a bit of love, a bit of ease, a bit of pleasure back into our weary lives?

I’m not saying we can solve the world’s problems with Grace, but we might want to take a step back and give ourselves a re-set.

The world is asking for it.



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Alicia Cahalane Lewis

Alicia Cahalane Lewis

Reiki Master and Author of The Intrepid Meditator and Room Service Please. Let’s connect: https://www.aliciacahalanelewis.com/ & https://www.tatteredscript.com/