We Need Artists Now More Than Ever

Alicia Cahalane Lewis
3 min readMar 21, 2022
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

If there is ever a time to support the arts it is now. We are slowly sinking…can you feel it…into a very heavy energy of brutality and catastrophic change. This is not a heavy-handed warning, but a moment not only to reflect about who we are and why we’re here but to offer encouragement for the opportunities afforded us to improve.

Does a Reiki Master have insight that others don’t have, and if so, what could that insight possibly be?

I don’t have any more or less insight than anyone else who is paying attention to the planet right now. I’d like to think that I have perspective and a sense of equilibrium so that I can offer to others a way to look through this lens of brutality and into another sphere of possibility.

Earth mimics herself. We mimic ourselves. We’re mimicking energy, by repeating it over and over as though trapped in a biosphere of death and destruction. Can we not remember that for every death there is new life? That for every loss there is a gain? Of course, we’re brutally engaging in this story of loss and gain all the time, and this is not to say we should dismiss death or destruction as inevitable. Or celebrate that someone else will come out ahead on the other end. No! This is not what I am saying. Again, nuance is difficult to share because we’re programmed to look at absolutes. What I want to convey is the responsibility we all have to bring beauty to this planet during times of loss.

I am not an economist. I am not advocating for ways to secure economic gain during times of turmoil, rather I am looking at how artists can bring beauty to a world that is stuck in a pattern of loss. Can you not feel yourself struggling? Are you aware that you are living on a planet that is not balanced, thus creating an imbalance in you? What will it take for us to wake up to this understanding? When Earth isn’t in her most balanced state we mimic her. We falter. We create upheavals in our personal lives trying to right ourselves. We’re trapped.

To undo the current pattern of substantial loss, we must find ways to steady the energy of duality and reach a center within our bodies, our minds, our hearts. Earth will shift. She will circle. She will tip. She will push and she will pull. It is up to us to recognize the ways we can contribute to this monumental shift to counter-balance grief. Bringing beauty to a world trapped in destruction will slowly shift the energy back to center.

It is time for us to return to our center. Traveling into vast amounts of discord, brutality, war, famine, loss, illness, and grief is a ride we all take, but it is time to come home to the center where the artistry in each of us resides. Let’s re-write the script. Earth deserves to be recognized for her beauty. It is our only way forward.