When I Say, “Love” What Comes to Mind?

We all have our own definitions and our own needs

Alicia Cahalane Lewis
2 min readAug 15, 2022


Author photo: Rome, Italy

One of the most respected messages I ever received in meditation was this: Love Is.

We only need to know this simple phrase, but we complicate love with expectation.

We complicate love with desire.

And most especially we complicate love with need.

Love is.

Love is individualistic.

Love is heartbreak.

Love is joy.

Love is my breath in harmony with yours.

Love is “never having to say you’re sorry.”

I don’t know the answer to what love is, but I do know this: I struggle. I need. I want. I desire. I envision. I project. I am not disciplined enough to know the intricacies of all the many definitions of love because these definitions are infinite. There is no one correct answer to what love is because love is infinite.

If love is infinite, and love is wound around us all for us to grasp, to acquire, to feel, to be, then why must we continually search? Why must we look? Why can’t we trust?

I don’t know what I don’t know.

I do know that while in meditation I repeatedly hear the words I am.

I am dissatisfied. I am lonely. I am elated. I am looking. I am complete.

Taken together, these two phrases appear archaic and ineffectual in their simplicity, but what is so simple about the infinite?

I am. You are. Until we lose the need for definitions, roles, and labels, we will not see the infinite.



Alicia Cahalane Lewis

Reiki Master, author of The Intrepid Meditator, Room Service Please, & Restless. @ https://www.aliciacahalanelewis.com/ & https://www.tatteredscript.com/