Who Says We Are Really Alone?

Photo by Alex Gruber on Unsplash

I have this love/hate relationship with myself. I love being alone. I dislike it immensely. I catapult energetically and emotionally between fine and not so fine, but it’s hard not to feel this way when the energies on the planet swing, like the tide, back and forth. In any one moment we can feel fine, and then not so fine, hot and then cold, patient then impatient. There is very little we can do about it, because our planet energetically and physically shifts. Yes, we’ve heard about the polarity, and yes we are trying through meditation, and many other ways of grounding to accept this pattern, but still it’s not enough. Or is it?

I’d like to offer a bit of hard-earned advice. I say hard-earned because it has taken me twenty years of mindfulness and observation to put what I have to say about polarity into my books, but suffice it to say, the way we are has a lot to do with how we are.

And how are we? Alone? Tired? Frustrated? Compelled to lift ourself up to find answers to explain the rudimentary energies on this planet? I’d like to express concern, not only for how I can feel, my mind all over the place, thinking one thing and then another, but for us all. We’re all by-products of an energetic Earth swinging first to life and then to death in a nano second. We are as Earth is, so how we are becomes the thinking. If I am tired, and I think I am tired, I will be tired. If I am one of the lucky few to find a way to lift myself out of fatigue by telling myself I’m not tired then I am one of the lucky few. But, suffice it to say, I’m not one of the lucky. If my mind tells me I’m tired I don’t try and trick my brain, rather I go with the emotion and rest.

We are what we think, yes, but more than this, we are how we are. And how I am, at any given moment, is this: taking the ride of my life on a planet that shifts. Can I do anything about this? No. I can accept that I will feel lonely and then I will feel content. I will feel alone and then I will feel love. As these emotions careen back and forth, and I know that they will, it will be up to me to go with them rather than fight them. We are how we are, shifting, careening, excelling, and decelerating all the time. We are not alone. We are alone. If we stay true to the way we feel neither will we be thrown by it nor ache because of it.

Life is a series of broad sweeping strokes…taking us first in one direction then on to another.

So, in theory, we can say we’re never alone because there will always be the contrasting moment when we recognize that we’re content. Wrapping both emotions into one energy lifts loneliness. We are both, never just one or the other, and when we can begin to differentiate between what is, and how it is, we’ll begin to recognize that this is about balance. We’re never just one way or the other.

Stand in a doorway with one foot planted on one side of the room and the other foot in the other room. Take this moment to see how you are standing in the balance between this and that, in and out. You are of space and not delineated by it. Your emotions work the same way when you allow for this kind of balance.



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